Okay? Okay.
"How does one become a butterfly?" She asked pensively.
"You must want to fly so much you give up being a caterpillar."

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The Winter Soldier + knife flips

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NO BUT PLEASE IMAGINE bucky joining the avengers and being a quiet superhero but one day as he’s incognito downtown a little girl tugs on his sleeve and he turns to see that she’s got a prosthetic hand and she looks at him and says very shyly ”i just wanted to say that you’re my hero” and bucky just fucking melts

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when ur sad always remember that u don’t look like you did in 6th grade

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i am offended that there has not yet been fanart of bucky in one of those captain american shield tshirts waking up his hair all messed up and rubbing his eye

my tablet slipped


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You commies looking for this?

… okay, so a few days ago somebody was listing in their tags all the movies Sebastian Stan’s been in, and one of the tags was “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and I THOUGHT THEY WERE KIDDING.

hot tub time machine is a cinematic gift how dare you

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Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

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“Girls are so annoying ugh. I get on way better with boys lol”

Probably cos you have so much in common with them

like misogyny

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Today in a debate I told the entire class the friendzone doesn’t exist and three boys gasped like I told them their parents had died

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baby husky and its tennis ball

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if male writers and artists cannot write and draw women, they are not good writers or artists

they are not “good writers except with women” or “good artists who can’t draw women”

they’re bad fucking writers and artists

this is not difficult

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